Real Estate

More than just buying and selling, in conjunction with land conservation and historic preservation, we advocate for your vision and help you navigate the process to create vibrant living spaces in harmony with the land, natural resources, and the built environment.

Alternative Real Estate Projects

Sustainable Developments, Cooperatives, Eco Villages, these are just a few examples of real estate in the new economy.  All begin with a vision to create a better model than the divide and conquer developments of yesterday.  Common areas, energy efficiency, shared open space, trails, water conservation, guest lodging, and other sustainably vibrant systems are optimized for the greater good, but somehow this all gets lost on planning commissions, intent on current zoning laws and the permitting process status quo.   Advocacy Matters will help you navigate the process and assist you in assembling a team to move your dream from inception to reality.

Contact: Gwendolyn Lacy, (610) 268-5507