Diversification, sustainability, burnout, running an ethical and involved non-profit, avoiding mission drift, aligning with your culture, and remaining relevant to your supporters, these are all concerns of non-profits intent on saving the planet or simply making their own corner of the world a better place.

As the founding executive director of a local community non-profit that evolved from a grassroots all-volunteer committee to an active and engaged board with a fiercely dedicated staff of eight, I know first-hand the ups and downs and vicissitudes of the non-profit sector and how to excel with passion and purpose.

Legal and Consulting Services:

  • Entity Formation A-Z
  • Nonprofit board governance
  • Capacity Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Evaluation and Staff Incentives
  • Avoiding Duplication of Services in the Community
  • Risk Management Assessments
  • High Priority Outreach Plans and Implementation
  • Legislative Analyses
  • Lobbying
  • Government Relations
  • Guiding Board and Staff Through National Accreditation Process
  • Revenue Enhancement and Diversification Strategies
  • Endowment Strategies
  • Marketing/Public Education, Outreach, Member Materials
  • Succession Planning

Contact: Gwendolyn Lacy, (610) 268-5507