Silence, is the voice of complicity.

— Leonard Peltier

Let Advocacy Matters be your voice …

Because everyone needs a good advocate at the epicenter of the decision making process.  As the population increases and Mother Nature continues to have the last word, there are more and more constraints and demands that effect our quality of life, our well being, our sense of place, and our educational, medical and social systems. Increased stressors upon our aging infrastructure, our soil, water, air, energy, wildlife, recreational havens, industries, and working farms and ranch lands affect us all. Whether the issue is the environment effects of an ever-changing climate, condemnation, education, conservation, jobs, energy, equal opportunity & access, the law can sometimes be unfair and the only way to make things right is at the legislative level.

As an experienced, coalition-consensus building advocate for issues that matter to you, I roll up my sleeves to ensure you have a voice resonating at the highest level where the decisions are made.

Contact: Gwendolyn Lacy, (610) 268-5507